At ZZAAM! Fresh Korean Grill,
we believe in offering our guests a Fast, Fresh, and Delicious alternative to today’s dining options.
Whether you’re looking for a quick and healthy meal on the go,
or want to sit down and enjoy a delicious dining experience
with family and friends, ZZAAM! Fresh Korean Grill is the way to go!
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What our guests say
Joy B.

I was impressed! I love tofu, so I got tofu, vegetables bowl, while the rest of the family got spicy chicken and bulgogi. after inhaling line, I got a chance to taste theirs, and I admit the bulgogi bowl tastes much better than tofum. I hope this place continues to do well so I can get my Korean fix when I visit again.

Kayla W.

This place is smart. The food is good and you get to create your own bowl or burrito so as long as you pick things you like… It’s pretty fail proof! I agree with a previous mention that its like a Korean Chipotle. So you might not choose this for a first date but its a cool spot, with beer and wine to boot.